Our Expertise

Seeking investments, developments & opportunities in the following industries:

Environmental Sustainability

We support a worldview of mutual interdependence and radical eco-innovation where demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future. Currently, we are seeking opportunity in the medical and recreational cannabis markets as well as in the hemp production and manufacturing sectors.

Health & Wellness

We are looking for sustainable investments that both promote healthier life styles and simultaneously benefit from this trend. While this not a new trend, it is one that has grown with astonishing ferocity in recent years especially in organic foods & products that also contain hemp, CBD, and THC ingredients.

International Commerce

International commerce allows countries to take advantage of competitive advantages in certain areas, while diminishing disadvantages in other areas. Transactions of economic resources include capital, skills, and people for the purpose of the international production of physical goods and services such as finance, banking, insurance, and construction.

Information Technology

From the individual to the largest organization, everyone today has to make investments in IT.  From financial investment models to more complex decision-making models we look for opportunity in programs dealing with technology management, operations management, applied finance, operations research, and industrial engineering.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is a substantial worldwide issue that affects both individuals and big corporations and needed in every business industry. It also means big dollars for the guardians of the internet. Every company must take cyber threats seriously and companies with complex operations cannot afford to have a cyber security breach.


The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. The most critical area where Blockchain helps is to guarantee the validity of a transaction by recording it not only on a main register but a connected distributed system of registers, all of which are connected through a secure validation mechanism. *

* Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)

Virtual & Augmented Reality 

In Virtual Reality (VR), the users' perception of reality is completely based on virtual information.

In Augmented Reality (AR) the user is provided with additional computer generated information that enhances their perception of reality. 

These tools can be used to train employees, simplify procedures and advance our production.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constellation of technologies that's evolving faster than expected and is already surpassing human decision-making in certain cases.  From machine learning to natural language processing—that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn, AI will continue to transform the relationship between people and technology.