Our Expertise

With a strong focus on the legal hemp and cannabis industry and other environmental sustainability ventures, we develop and invest in technologies, communities and systems that facilitate trade, finance, communication and travel across international boundaries, cultures and languages.


We are very proud of our current involvement with the Native Americans in the USA and in developing their lands for hemp and cannabis businesses to thrive. By inviting businesses to operate on Sovereign Nations, we aim to bring wealth and prosperity to Native American peoples while accomplishing strategic goals that build shareholder value.  We comply with government regulations, and work with our national and global partners to educate and advise them on operating a hemp or cannabis business in the USA.


We are mindful of our social economic and environmental responsibilities, and strive to remain ethical, honest, and fair in all dealings with stakeholders.


OWVI leverages these skills with emerging technologies and strategic alliances to provide creative solutions and emerging market opportunities.

Invest & Develop

We invest & develop in technologies, communities & systems that facilitate trade, finance, communication & travel across international boundaries, cultures & languages

International Experience

We have substantial international experience in Europe, Asia & the United States setting up companies & establishing trade and commerce. The company leverages these skills with emerging technologies & strategic alliances to provide creative solutions & market opportunities.

Strategic Alliances

Our businesses together form the cornerstone of our enterprise and give the company the opportunity to grow in the coming years. This combination provides us with a trading component, a technology component, a finance component  to establish a strong presence across business environments

Growth & Opportunity
Publicly Traded Company

We anticipate substantial growth and opportunity for both the short and long term goals. The Company has recently added key corporate financial staff and executive level operating persons in the USA and is planning on major expansions in the short term.


We are a publicly traded company listed on the stock exchange as OTC:OWVI